Rejecting someone politely


The beginning of a relationship, that magical phase where people are full of enthusiasm and dreams. Where most just want to show each other their positive side. To be chosen, to be seen as someone worth leaving the single life and building a story for.

It’s a momentary obsession, a slight compulsion that causes lovers to lose their appetite, have insomnia…. They check the social networks of their loved ones all the time, have no other topic with their friends, and think about this person 24 hours a day. This explosion of hormones in their brain is what makes the world a beautiful place to live.

The problem arises when, for whatever reason, personal or otherwise, one of the parties involved does not feel the same, or is not at the same point in the relationship.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a boyfriend of years or a friend who has fallen in love, but it’s not reciprocated. Ending a relationship – or a non-relationship – is always a complicated and difficult task.

But it’s something that everyone has gone through or will go through at some point, that’s why Skokka, with the help of the sexiest Leeds escorts, will shed light and explore the topic.

Main reasons of incompatibility that lead to rejection

– Be very different

In theory, opposites attract each other more, in practice people look for compatibility.

-Having other priorities

The need to focus more on studies or work, or even lack of time, are some of the most common rejection factors.

– Still having feelings for the ex

There is no room for doubt here. It is impossible to start a new story if the person has not yet turned the page on the old one.

– Belief that he or she deserves someone better

Be it economic position, social status, intellectual level, beauty…. Sometimes, one does not feel that the person is up to the task of starting a relationship and therefore rejects them.

– Having plans to live abroad

This reason is becoming increasingly common as more and more people travel and even live on foreign soil.

– Not feeling the necessary physical attraction

Of course, personal characteristics count a lot, like being a good, polite and respectful person. But in addition to that, it is necessary to have sex appeal. To feel that delirium as happens when seeing a trollop girl from Trelew, otherwise, for many, there is no chance of establishing a relationship.

Whatever the reason, it is a delicate situation, because neither do you want the other person to feel bad, nor do you want to be with them. Therefore, one must be honest, without playing or lying to make the other person feel good.

But how to say it nicely?

“I am the problem, not you”.

That is the classic that almost everyone uses. Because, according to experts, a rejection is a negative circumstance for the rejected person, and it is possible to mitigate that feeling by using positive arguments.

“Can we be friends?”

Proposing a friendship can be an outflow to keep in touch with a loved one that perhaps one doesn’t want to lose completely.

“I don’t have time for that right now.”

Like the reasons for rejection described above, not being at the same point in life is a highly valid reason, and should be expressed without fear.

“I think we want different things”.

Maybe one wants a serious relationship, while another wants something more casual, or vice versa. Wanting different things is a red flag in relationships.

“I’m not interested enough in you”.

Some people avoid it because they think it sounds rude, but frankness can save time and clear up misunderstandings. So if there’s no spark, why lie?

Listen and have compassion

It doesn’t matter what the circumstance is. The other person has the right to take a stand and say what they think (politely and respectfully, of course). Let them express their distress, their impressions and their opinion on the situation, even if it doesn’t change the decision.

Breaking up is never easy. Saying goodbye to someone, even if there is no mutual interest, is never a pleasant experience, but acting in a mature and conscientious way can minimise the stress and help the other person overcome it.

Having emotional responsibility and empathy is fundamental in this process, as the escorts near me in Bradford. That is, not doing to the other person what one would not like to be done to them, not giving them hopes that do not exist, not cheating, lying and taking advantage of someone who has genuine feelings.

Being honest, polite and responsible can eliminate guilt after all. In a genuine and friendly way, it is possible to avoid problems and leave with a light heart and head.

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