Difference between sexual orientation and gender identity


If you are reading this, the first take-home is that sexual orientation and gender identity are not the same. A transgender does not necessarily have to be gay, although this is a popular misconception. Your sexuality, as it stands, isn’t your gender, and you should understand that by now. So, in a nutshell, gender identity is the concept of perceiving yourself as a female, male or a blend of both. Your gender identity might be what you’ve been naturally informed regarding your gender at birth. But be sure to note that there are various genders all around and knowing which is yours entirely depends on your sexual orientation.

So, sexual orientation is what you are interested in being or who you are interested in living with, or drawn to romantically. Your gender identity might have been misinformed, but your sexual orientation is your call. So your sexual orientation might warrant you to familiarize yourself as a transgender, gay or bisexual. If you’ve ever seen bisexual porn, you’d understand the concept of sexual orientation from the perspective of gender identity.

As mentioned above, being transgender doesn’t necessarily mean you must be gay or you are gay. Here are some of the several identities that might be associated with your sexual orientation:

  • Most individuals attracted to the same-gender often regard themselves as homosexuals or gays. Women often called lesbians
  • Those attracted to both males and females are regarded as bisexuals. Bisexual porn is some of the most-watched and streamed porn in the adult industry.
  • On the other hand, there are asexual. These are people that don’t feel any attraction towards anybody.

Importance of understanding the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity

It’s important to explore your sexuality and understand your sexual orientation before going into a relationship because failure to do this might result in inefficiencies in your sexual relationships. Understanding your sexuality and gender identity will help you become a better lover and help you find your likes and wants much faster. Here are some other importance.

● It helps to smoothen relationships:

As mentioned above, some individuals go into relationships with absolutely nothing about their sexuality. Some of them are not even convinced about their gender. If this is the case, you might want to take a break from every sexual relationship and focus on self-discovery especially discovering your gender identity first, then your sexual orientation. Once you achieve this, you can now journey into sexual relationships. The difference between the two scenarios will be the rapport between both partners.

● It puts you in control of your body:

One of the best feelings ever is understanding what you want and going for it irrespective of the circumstance. Understanding your gender identity and sexual orientation puts you in control of your physical self. You need not be confused about your sexuality or gender; you are fully aware, and you can do whatever pleases you with whoever pleases you, whenever it pleases you!

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